16 Oktober 2007

Day 3

Now we´ve already flown 3 valid and fun tasks in the first 3 days! Since we had a westerly wind yesterday, we went up to Mt Tamborine. The task was an 80km dogleg to the southwest around two turnpoints into the Rathdowney goal.
When we started, the inversion was still low and it was useful to have to wait for the 13.00 start gate. I was high and started out, seeing that Jonny, Steve Moyes, Attila and a few others hung back. They got really high and I already thought I had made a mistake, especially when they caught up on us after 50km, but later they said that they slowly got down and really struggled in the beginning of their task. Attila and Dave SEib even landed after only a few kms!
We flew only in the blue, but thermals got us up to 2000m in the late afternoon, very smooth air made it a fun flight again. At goal, the organizers were already waiting to read in the tracklogs so we could go home directly. They are doing a good job. Except that FTV thing is on again, Tim Cummings Fixed Validity always seems to steal some points and places from me. Gerolf couldnt convince him yet to drop it. WEll, at least Attila and Dave Seib will love it after the bombout yesterday.
Today it looks like another day on Mt Tamborine with a decent task. I dont know about my ranking in the task yesterday, because of the people who started with the second startgate.

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