07 Oktober 2007

Canungra Cup, NZ and Japan

At the moment Im still on my work trip in Sao Paulo, flying back this afternoon, then getting my gear ready to leave for Brisbane on Tuesday. Im already looking forward to flying with my friends in Canungra! After the comp, I will even have the luxury of some spare time in Oz and Nz for some travelling.
Sure I will report about the Canungra Cup every day for you.
Coming back in the beginning of November, Im trying to request for a flight to Nagoya with 2 complete days off in Japan as Im hoping to be able to meet some of the Japanese pilots to bring them some films from the worlds and the german open.
I have to pay the price for my time off soon, as I have to work on standby over Christmas and new years this year, so anything is possible then and I hope to end up somewhere nice where I know somebody.

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