16 Oktober 2011

World Record Choir

Yesterday I went to see a concert at the Olympic hall of Munich. Mano Ezoh, a Nigerian man who lives and works in Germany, always had the dream to create the world´s largest gospel choir in the world.
When he had been for a radio interview at Antenne Bayern, he met Florian Weiss who was fascinated by Mano´s energy and the idea, so Antenne Bayern kept assisting this world record trial and Florian Weiss was presenting the event last night.
Mano had been working hard the past four years, training many choirs in Germany and Austria, he saved every cent he could afford to make his dream come true.
He rented the Olympic hall of Munich, invited all participants of all his choirs and sold tickets for the audience. He needed at least 1000 people in the choir, and you can see about half of them in the background on my photo, all dressed in white. They were checked by 13 "officials" if they were all singing for at least 5 minutes - the count was for 1134 people, so Mano set the new world record and will be mentioned in the next Guinness book.
It was a fun event and it shows that if you work hard to achieve your dreams and believe that they can come true, one day they will!

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