26 Oktober 2011

Canungra Day 4: 88 km, day 5 cancelled

88 km around 3 turnpoints yesterday with about 10 people in goal, Jonny won it with a big lead of 7 minutes on Rohan. Pilots experienced quite a lot of aggressive eagles in the area of the first turnpoint and had to fix their torn sails today. Both Jonas and his father Hagen had severe cuts in the upper surface of their gliders.
Wolfi Siess is here and really likes the fun atmosphere of the comp. Until yesterday, he only had an internet stick to call retrieve via skype, but it dit not have reception yesterday, so he ended up with the police - they were trying to help him get to his driver. He borrowed some money, called the driver, went to the pub, got some beer, was told by the police guys that he can´t drink it on the road, so he had it in their car ;) Now he´s got a phone card as well. Wolfi is ranked 10th at the moment.
Some Red Bull sampling girls were up on the mountain yesterday and provided the pilots with wings, thanks to Jonny.
Today we went up to Beechmont launch, but the sky is overcast, the prediction is for rain and storms, as a trough moves through today and tomorrow. The day was cancelled at 11am. Looks like we will get two more good days on Friday and Saturday though.
Jonny is still in first place, followed by Blenky and Dave May. Amazing result for Jonny who had a severe knee operation (replacement of his crucial legaments) just three weeks ago and is now flying with wheels on his speedbar! David Newton in 9th is the top ranked guy of the large group of Kiwis who compete in Canungra this year. Results here.

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