09 Oktober 2011

Sebastian - World Champion!

He did it again, together with the Red Bull F1 team! With his 3rd place in Suzuka, Japan, today, Sebastian Vettel is already now, 5 races before the end of the season, the old and new and youngest ever F1 double world champion of all times. And to me, the most likable one too! I hope this time I can make it to the party at Hangar 7 in Salzburg...
All the best of course also to the Suzuka winner, Jenson Button.
Enjoy your great success, Sebastian, I am proud to be a small part of the big family of extraordinary Red Bull athletes! Also big congrats to all the people who helped in the "background" - Ive met quite a few of them in Sao Paulo, and it was obvious immediately that there is not just dedication and knowledge, but a lot of heart, curiosity and really good vibes "behind the scenes"!

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