29 Oktober 2011

Jonny the Legend!

Looks like Rohan won the day, but Jonny came in 3rd, and with 300 points ahead of the next pilot, he will clearly win this years Canungra Classic. What a legend! He really inspired me with his take off. Since he had his crucial ligement operated only 3 weeks ago, he hopped off one legged today from Tamborine mountain! In a place where other pilots have to do a really hard and long run today, he just graciously pretended to be a bird! Everybody was really impressed to see Jonny taking off like it was nothing special. My "young brother" has surely earned to win this comp.

More later, prize giving will start soon. I got 7 kms short of the 2nd turnpoint at Rathdowney and I think I didnt do too bad with that, might have made a few places back up. But the most important thing for me - I just had a fantastic time in the air, felt really good to be up with the eagles who joined my thermal every now and then! Canungra is a great place to fly, not just because of weather and flying conditions, it is mainly the great people of the club and of this comp who make it so special.

Big thanks to Tony and Michelle, best driver in the world. I had landed on a big field, but it was not easy to find the way to the property. And again, they did really well and got right to me on the paddock.

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