28 Oktober 2011

Canungra Day 7: cancelled

So apparently the guys didn´t drink enough last night at the Red Faces to improve the weather enough for a taskable day. yet the acts were classic. I was in the jury and it was well worth it - Big Jon offered me a Canungra Classic Mug as a bribe! I love those trophies, I think Jonny´s mugs are the nicest and most useful trophies of all the comps Ive flown so far. It just adds to the value that they are handmade by one of the greatest guys Ive met in hang gliding so far - but you only get them if you make the top ten. For me out of reach this year, as I had to pause a few days and be careful about my knee. Yet I got one mug today and Im the happiest girl in the comp!
We were keen and set up our gliders at beechmont, but the drizzle kept moving in and cloud base was superlow. Davo was keen anyway and went for a flight to show us the conditions. He climbed up to probably 80 m above launch and maintained. After a while of watching the dark clouds moving past us, no sun to be seen anywhere, the day was canned.
A few guys flew and toplanded, others went to the bombout and had a long retrieve. It looks like it will be flyable again tomorrow, on the last day of this years Canungra Classic, so let´s hope for a last epic flight to finish the comp with style!

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