15 Oktober 2011

Hyderabad, one last time!

Before Lufthansa stops the Hyderabad-Destination (India), I had to catch a flight there one last time. You find the spiciest Samosas there, but also very friendly, welcoming people with a great humour. Again, the flight was already a joy to work on, because the Hyderabadis like to laugh and are very laid back.
I went to see the Fortress Golconda, it was a nice work out to walk up the granite mountain to the very top. A great view of the city and the fortress was the reward.
But my highlight there were the cute little chip munks who ran around the fortress. They reminded me of driving up Chelan Butte in Lake Chelan.
The spicy curries were very tasty and I hope we return to fly to Hyderabad soon!

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