18 Oktober 2011

Abu Dhabi

For the first time, I flew into Abu Dhabi in the morning and I could see the vast desert. For some reason I always think of Hannes Arch when Im here - he had a nice "Abu Dhabi" logo on his Red Bull Air Race plane ;)
While on other flights you hear babies screaming or dogs barking, on this Airbus 330 we kept hearing the car alarm of a Ferrari in the cargo department. A flight attendant kept turning it off with a key, but it started over and over again.
The new airport here is huge, just imagine you land at gate A42 in Frankfurt and you have to transfer to B30... it is a good workout of more than a mile and might end in airport jogging. I had enough time to catch the connection to Sydney, but unlike before, now the stand-bys have to sit and wait in front of the transfer desk. No cafe, no water. At least a few seats and internet for the waiting time. It used to be a really nice mosque like waiting lounge in the old airport here.
At least they show a movie on the overhead monitor. An old film where a passenger jet got in trouble with a bomb on board... they have a good humour here, I hope my fellow travellers can also appreciate that ;)
More when I get to the Moyes factory in Botany in about 18 hours. Long day.

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