07 August 2009

Loops above Munich

Standing on the balcony, I couldnt believe what I just saw. Two gliders in the center, a few hundred meters away from my flat, just around the German Museum area, which is pretty much Munich downtown! Then one of them pulled a couple of beautiful loops before they headed off towards Englischer Garten. I wonder who that was - and Im sorry that I cant pick them up ;) so nice to see some flying again!
While they flew 118 km task in Laragne (results), the guys in Italy had a 100km task. Primoz was first in goal, followed by Alex Ploner. Team Adidas - Regina and Christa - landed at 36 and 32 km, a good result for a difficult day. My Swiss friend Carole was best woman, she made goal and leads the women´s ranking. Scores here
The photo was made at Cucco South goal last year at the worlds with nearly our whole team at goal and everybody really happy about the performance.
The Austrian "Best of Diedams" competition is postponed to next weekend, as the prediction is for strong storms tomorrow and sunday in the Swiss, Austrian and Bavarian alps. So guys, enjoy France and Italy while you are still there, up here it is a mix like in April, one or two nice days and then a few days of storms with a lot of rain and hail.

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