06 August 2009

Results from Cucco and Laragne

This photo was taken at Cucco North take off, but the guys went to Monte Gemmo at Tre Pizzi for take off yesterday. Many people landed around the first turnpoint already, after only 15 km, that is why the day wasnt worth too many points, even though 7 people made it to goal, with Alex winning the day, Gerd 2nd, Davide Guiducci 3rd and Primoz 4th. Carole Tobler and Christa shared the first place in womens ranking. Results of task 1 here.
In Laragne, three pilots made goal, Koos winning and German pilot Markus Ebenfeld in 2nd place! He had flown quite a few kms for the xc cup last week from St. Andre, and now he can use his knowledge of the area for the Dutch Open. Best woman was Russian pilot Evigeniya Laritskaya, she was 12th of the day! Task 1 resuts Dutch Open
Malcolm Brown won task 2 of the Dutch Open, best woman was Hadewych, Koos is still in the lead overall. Dutch Open after 2 tasks
Both Gerd and Markus are my XC mates from Chiemgau here in Bavaria, on a good xc day we always meet on the same take offs and fly similar distances. This year we didnt have as many great days as last year, so they are off for more flying in the comps. Good luck!

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