23 August 2009

Results Red Bull Air Race, Slovenian / Italian Open

US-pilot Mike Goulian (photo) won his first Red Bull Air Race in Budapest after a stunning finish, with Paul Bohnhomme 2nd, Kirby Chambliss 3rd, Hannes Arch 4th and a great success for newcomer Matthias Dolderer in 5th place. Have a look at my video-interviews with Hannes and Matthias here! Hannes is in 2nd place now and Paul in 1st, but there are two races to come, in Porto and Barcelona. With only 1 point behind Paul, Hannes has a great chance to overtake the British pilot again- let´s keep our fingers crossed for him!
In Slovenia, after 4 tasks Primoz Gricar won the Nationals ahead of Tom Weissenberger and German newcomer Gerd Dönhuber. Best woman of the 9 was Ukrainian Julia Burlachenko (19th place overall), Christa Aichner from my team was in 3rd place. On the picture, you see the girls playing with a Moyes Malibu on Tolmin take off.
In Italy, they also flew 4 tasks. World Champion Alex Ploner won the competition in Parma, ahead of his team mates Elio Cataldi and Christian Ciech. Also congrats to Carol Tobler from Switzerland - as 1st woman she ranks 15th overall, followed by my team mate Monique Werner on 20th overall.

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