05 August 2009

1. Task in Laragne, 1. task at Cucco

Seems like they flew a 70km task in Laragne yesterday with Dutch pilot Koos probably having won the day. Also they had a first task at Monte Cucco, 82 km with world champion Alex and German pilot Gerd Dönhuber first in goal, as Curt Warren reports on Twitter. Curt could not compete, as his team Tom and Jörg have already headed off to Austria to compete at "Best of Diedams" which starts on Friday (Curt is leaving for Australia on Sunday so he had to send his flying gear back to Austria with Tom and Jörg). Too many comps at the same time! Unfortunately, the weather will only be nice for Friday and then turn into a mix of rain and storms again in the west of Austria where the Diedams comp takes place.
As soon as I find a link to results to these competitions I will let you know the exact results. Seems like I dont miss too many great big flights at the comps in the moment, but the flatland skies of Germany look epic these days, Dirk Ripkens flew a 209km FAI triangle in the northwest German flats on his Atos yesterday. Well done Dirk!

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