16 August 2009

Flights from Tegelberg!

This is my friend Rebi, I taught her hanggliding in April at Wasserkuppe. She already flies paragliders so it was easy to convert her. And now she did her first high flights from Tegelberg and nearly finished all of them to get the licence for hanggliding too! Im very proud of her!
Also, they had a great comp at Monte Cucco and Alex Ploner won in the end, just a few points ahead of Primoz Gricar from Slovenia/Germany. The organizer made sure that down to 10th place, pilots got prizemoney and thus their entry fee back. Well done, Flavio!
In the Dutch nationals in Laragne, Malcolm Brown won and Koos de Kejzer is new Dutch Champion. In the US nationals in Big Spring, it looks like Glen Volk won after six rounds and quite a lot of kilometers.
Today the Italian nationals start in Parma and the Slovenian nationals start in Tolmin. I will keep you updated about tasks and results and wish I could be with my friends in either place. All the best to them, good weather and great flights!

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