20 August 2009

Slovenian Open, Italian Nationals and Red Bull Air Race

After two tasks in Tolmin, Slovenia, Primoz Gricar leads the comp ahead of Tom and Gerolf. In Italy, of course the National Team takes all top places, Christian, Alex, Elio, Davide! They already flew 3 tasks in Parma.
Meanwhile, in Budapest Hannes Arch is still leading the Red Bull Air Race Worldchampionship. Today will be an important day for Hannes to earn more points to keep his title - by the way, he is also the organizer of the Red Bull XAlps and one of the top pg acro guys in the world. Great to see him do so well will those fast little high powered racing planes!
The only German competitor, Matthias Dolderer, came 4th yesterday in the qualifiyng and surprised everybody with doing extremely well in his first year of participation.

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