04 Mai 2010

Seoul, Timezone: GMT + 9

After some training at Tegelberg and meeting Monique and the best pilot of the Japanese team and her team leader there, I headed off to Greifenburg for staying with the good flyable weather until the very end of this good weather period. On Friday I had to leave as a work flight to Seoul was waiting for me on Saturday. Just a very brief "there and return in 3 days" - I got back very late last night.
Yet it was sunny and warm in Korea, so I took the time to go downtown and check out the inner city pedestrian zone (way too many people there, I tell you...). I was happy to see the nicely decorated adidas flagship store in Seoul - every country seems to have it´s own line of designers, and the different styles are always interesting for me to see. Of course, the whole world shares the excitement about the soccer world championship in South Africa. I so wish that I could work on the flight to Johannesburg that will bring down our soccer team, but it looks like it will be the first official flight of Lufthansa´s new Airbus 380, and I am not working on that plane yet.
Seoul was my last work trip before our big competition, and soon I will move to Tegelberg for the world championship. Can´t wait to meet everybody again!

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