16 Mai 2010

Update: Flyable?

We could see the cable car mountain station on Tegelberg for a while now, and Oli went up to see if he could go for a flight. NO sign of a glider in the air yet, I wonder if he had a really short flight that I missed because I was preparing porcini risotto for my parents and friends tonight? Carol, Oli and Luca are coming over to my place, so I will get a full weather report later.
It is nice to see some "lighter" and higher clouds than the last days anyway, my hope is up for tomorrow or Tuesday. It is great to see that we or the organization don´t get any bad words from disappointed pilots - today Benno organized "flying" for everybody in the "glider on the crane" at the Tegelberg base station, so we get back into the air again! Also pilots are getting wings from a lot of Red Bull. The party last night lasted again very long I heard...
Tonight Charlie will show Mike Harker´s movie (and more) at Helmerhof in Horn/Schwangau, starting at 9.30 pm. Will be great to have Mike Harker there to add some points about his flying and the movie - his whole life has been dedicated to freedom, independency and travelling, I am curious to hear more of his experiences. When he was sitting at our table the other night, we were only able to communicate for about half a minute each time between the songs of the bavarian orchestra... ;)

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