28 Mai 2010

German Open Day 3, Task 2: 51 km Flatlands

Today the weather allowed us to fly a small task from Hochries out into the flatlands northwest of Chiemsee and then back down to Marquartstein. I took off early as the forecast of overdevelopment in the mountains always makes me nervous.
When Natalia and Toni Raumauf left, I went with them. Low we found the next lift just north of the Autobahn and slowly went back up to cloudbase. Ahead of us, the ground looked good, plenty of sun around. I lost the others pretty quickly and found my own way around the turnpoint. On the way back, I saw Beni with the Red Bull trike very low flying along our course. Two sailplanes showed me the thermal of the day between Simssee and Chiemsee. It took me up high enough to start the final glide from there, about 15 km out. I was happy to see that the glide got better and better.
When I landed in goal, the teachers from the local hang gliding school came over and said they all had a great day of training today - we landed on their huge, nicely cut landing field at Weßner Hof in Marquartstein today. Toni Raumauf was just leaving when I got there, Ulf Neumann and Peter Friedemann were the other two ridig wing guys who had made it in, and - the only other flex wing pilot I saw was Natalia Petrova! She jumped over and helped me and hugged me, it was incredible for both of us, that we were the only ones who made it into goal today in our class. Here you can check my life tracklog
As soon as todays results are online, you can see the results here.

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