26 Mai 2010

German Open Day 2: Task 1 - 55 km

Here at Hochries, the organizers are doing a great job to motivate pilots to go up the mountain - there is a great breakfast buffet included in the entry fee at the restaurant on top of the mountain! So every morning, it is fun to see pilots socializing while having a cuppa and muesli. Today did not look too special, and a heavy rain shower at 10.30 am did not rise our expectations for a flying day. Anyway, Dieter and Carsten were positive and asked the pilots to set up the gliders for a task briefing at noon. The miracle happened - the sky opened up and we could fly our first task.
55 km around Hochfelln, then some kms past goal and back to goal. A short distance, as they did not expect really good conditions nor a long day - the rain and storms were forecasted for 5pm and it really started raining at 5. The lift was good and I flew around 40 km before I decided to land as the black clouds seemed to grow very fast out of the mountains south of us towards the course. Turned out that they slightly fell apart again before they really went off. Christian Zehetmayer landed in the same field. Tim Grabowski won the rigid race (there are about 10 pilots), but I don´t know yet who won the flex task.
For tomorrow they expect more rain, but it looks pretty good that we will fly on Friday. It will be interesting to see the scoring, as they set nominal distance to 70 kms - quite high for marginal weather like we experience here.
Currently the weather is very dramatic and romantic, with a huge rainbow around the whole take off mountain of Hochries. I´m pretty impressed with the organizers!

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