25 April 2010

Team training at Tegelberg

Our team spent this weekend at Tegelberg to train for the worlds. Actually, yesterday I had a private Red Bull workout... I went up Tegelberg 3 times to takes photos and film footage, racing through the towers of castle Neuschwanstein. Will be quite spectacular!
Today I joined in our team training and went up the mountain with Ute and Christa. A bit later, Monique and Regina arrived. The clouds in the high mountains were growing quite fast, so I decided at some stage to escape into the flatlands, to the northeast. A completely new area for me, I made that flight for the first time and really enjoyed it a lot.
This week we might get some more good flying days for Tegelberg, so we will be back again. It seems like everybody there knew that "the national team" is there for training flights. Paraglider and hang glider pilots asked us many questions, everybody was really helpful (specially when I was too exhausted to carry my glider up to take off on my own ;)) thanks again, guys!) and they are very supportive, keeping their fingers crossed for us. I hope to see a lot of them again during the worlds, as we have planned some great parties too!
The flower picture is for my mum - it is really spring time now in Munich!

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