21 Mai 2010

Day 12: Cloud 12

Today we went up and set up in the cloud on Tegelberg, we waited in the cloud, in the rain, the snow started melting. We were hoping for the clouds to lift up high enough so we could take off. The swifts tried a task but had to land again - not enough lift. We kept our spirits high until 5pm, then we officially knew that we could not get a task anymore. Some guys took off into the tiny window between the clouds. At the moment, some of them are still flying around the castle, but cloud base is still below take off. So sad, the forecast looked so promising to start into the first task today!!!
Well, a worlds without flying. At least the swifts have a new and old world champion, Manfred Ruhmer, with STeve Cox in 2nd and Bob Baier in 3rd. And for us, it is all the same - I will be the reigning world champion for the next two years, Alex Ploner will stay the class 5 world champion, and our team will stay the team world champion. Everybody really liked the organization and the program that was set up for the pilots a lot. Up on take off, Charlie Jöst kept us entertained with singing some Italian opera for us.
We will have a free competition tomorrow, as it looks flyable and like the best day of the two weeks, and we will give away all prizes tomorrow as well.
Big party tonight at Tegelberg Bahn.

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