09 Januar 2010

Down under, Timezone UTC + 11

I finally managed to escape the tons of snow and arrived in Bright after a smooth long flight to Melbourne. Even better - also my luggage arrived! It´s a bit of a temperature change, when I left Munich we had - 15 C, now in Bright we get a few really hot days with more than 40 C! As it is in the mountains, it cools down nicely during the night, but during the day it is full on summer.
Oli flew to Corryong two days ago and just flew back yesterday to Mt Beauty airstrip - a great effort, since he was facing a 20 km/h headwind. It´s great to see Carol´s and Oli´s son Luca running around - he is learning new words every day, so it´s time to teach him some German as well ;) And by the way, yes, the old wagon still exists!
My glider will arrive from Forbes, they have another 3 days to fly up there. No rest day yet, no mercy. When it is more than 40 C down here in the mountains, they will face something close to 50 C up there at Forbes, out in the flats. The best (and only) place on those days is - cloudbase! Australian vice-world champion Jonny Durand is leading the Forbes competition at the moment, followed by Hungarian Attila Bertok. Lukas Bader is the top German pilot, currently in the top ten as well.
I will post photos once I settled in and set up everything.

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