23 Januar 2010

Bogong Cup last day: 113 km around 3 turnpoints

Finally another task, and quite a big and demanding one too. Most of the day we flew with blue skies, up to Gundowring, over to clear spot at Mystic launch, then up north again to Dederang and to the airstrip. I was in the air for 4,5 hrs and had a lot of fun racing along with Olli most of the day. Late about 10 pilots made goal, Rohan Holtkamp won the day, overall winner is Jonny Durand, B-grade won Glen "Junior" McFarlane (Glen McLeods younger lookalike).
I came in 6th of the day and was first German pilot in goal, followed by Oli, Hans and Lukas. Christa managed to fly to Bright, also a very big flight for her. In the women´s ranking, she was in 3rd place, Yulia from Russia 2nd (10 overall) and I won 1st place (7th overall). Quite a good result, but then many of the guns had already left the comp as they didnt think we would get another task.
More details and pics tomorrow.

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