20 Januar 2010

Bogong Cup Day 5: Lenticular clouds

After yesterday´s flight in quite strong wind conditions, the forecast for today was not too promising and very early we could see lenticular development. Strong high level winds of 50 knots might sooner or later mix into the lower layers. Briefing was postponed to see if the winds were easing off, but as they kept being stronger than yesterday, Davis made a safety decision and cancelled the day, we didnt even go up to Emu. I was very glad about that and I had voted not to go up in the safety committee, as flying in the alps at high winds is not desirable.
Quite a few pilots are packing up their gear, as we might not be able to fly for the next couple of days, and there are many other things to see and do in Australia than hangwaiting. Actually my neighbours are about to leave - we made up the Viking team, you qualify if you have red hair ;) it is Zippy Zac Majors (US), Shedsy (Dave Shields GB) and me.
And yesterday´s task winners, team Red Bull!

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