19 Januar 2010

Bogong Cup Task 1: 99 km around 3 tp

Today we finally had flyable weather. As cloudbase was low and the wind still quite strong from westerly directions, the task committee set a 78 km task around 3 turnpoints in the Kiewa Valley.
After a good take off, I was lucky to be nice and high at the last start gate. The air was rough and bumpy, but with my little full carbon Litespeed, I felt safe and had fun climbing out with Jonny Durand. He left me just before the first turnpoint at Gundowring, as I had decided to fly a bit more conservative and stay high. Up high, I faced sometimes nearly 30 km/h headwind, so I had to fly a bit lower to move.
Carol drove our car down, and I teamed up with Oli and Tony Lowrey (on the photo) to go to launch and with Ashanta, Fredy and Thomas for retrieve. Luckily our whole team was in goal today! I had a good landing at Mt Beauty airstrip, but I was a little exhausted. Hadewych came over and helped me carry my glider and harness to the packup area- she is a fantastic friend and could tell that Im really tired! So nice when people care ;)
If the wind speed drops as predicted, we might be in for a really long and scenic flight for tomorrow, with a higher cloud base than today. Up on Emu take off it was freezing cold today and I was even wearing thermal underwear trousers and shirts! So lucky I brought them, that way I wasnt cold in the air.

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