16 Januar 2010

Bogong Cup Day 1: cancelled, too windy

On the photo with Oli, you see Jonny Durand who just won the Forbes competition.
We had the initial briefing yesterday at Mt Beauty holiday centre. As the winds were quite strong from the north, we postponed briefing to 11. Then the day was cancelled, as the wind was still too strong to set a flyable task. Usually this weather means strong turbulence and broken lift, so I was happy with the decision.
The wind speed dropped down and Davis was positive yesterday that we will fly today, probably from Emu take off (on the photo), but at the moment we have quite a lot of clouds around. They can dissolve quickly as we saw yesterday, so at this stage it is difficult to predict the day. The forecast was for a coldfront moving through tonight, bringing snow (!) to the high mountains. I know it sounds ridiculous looking at the masses of snow and temperatures at home in Europe - but hey, it can get cold in the Australian Alps as well. Lucky that I am equipped for any kind of temperatures with my Adidas and Icebreaker gear!

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