26 Januar 2010

Australia Day

At 9 this morning, the flying girls met for breakfast at Brighton le Sands. It was great to have some time with Jorj, Kathryn and Jamie, I wish we could do that more often. That´s one good thing about the competitions- you get to spend some time in the same place, no matter which continent you call home!
After breakfast, Jamie and I had the silly idea to drive over to Bronte Beach to see Jonny and the guys at Bill´s place. Not good thinking, as it was Australia day, and Sydneysiders had congregated numerously at Bronte. We had to walk about 1,5 km from where we found the last half-legal place to park. I took the picture for you, it reminded me strongly of Rimini at peak season... Too much for me, so I left the city and started driving up to Newcastle to meet Adam Parer. He has survived a severe accident and is recovering really fast. He looks very fit and healthy now, and when he described his injuries to me, it seems like a miracle that he is already up and running - and soon he will be back in the air again;) Well, I guess with Dr. Conrad Loten being Adam´s doctor he was just as lucky as I was with Dr. Schroeter and Dr. Obersteiner.
Time to leave today. I hope I get to meet the whole Moyes clan and the guys at the factory to say good-bye. And then the hardest part of my trip - back to winter...

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