06 Januar 2008

The way to Down Under

And again I worked hard to get a couple of weeks off to fly my favourite competition in January, the Bogong Cup. After the suitcase desaster in October in Canungra I was smarter this time- I left my harness with Carol and Oli and only travelled with carry on luggage! This time of year, flights are incredibly full so I had to go through Vienna and a 5 hour stay in Bangkok. I treated myself with a Thai foot and back massage at the airport, so time flew by very fast.
Now Im on the way to Auckland to stay with friends for a few days – no chance to fly straight to Sydney. I dont mind, the whole Sydney crowd is in Forbes at the moment anyway. Looks like my whole team is over there competing already, Lukas, Oli, Hans, Roland and Jörg. Great effort, this is the best winter training you can get!
Vicki from Moyes promised me I would get the great Litespeed 3,5s again that I already flew in Canungra – makes it easy for me, that way it is no problem to arrive only the day before the comp starts because I already know that the glider is perfectly trimmed!
Also I got very comfortable soft contact lenses, I already tried them on the plane on long flights and they are perfect to keep the eyes moisturized thus the perfect vision also for a long hanggliding flight.
Will take me a few days to overcome jetlag, I hope Carol has already organized the Red Bulls again.
I guess I will finally have some time on my hands to answer a few questions from Japanese pilots – Noma will probably be in Mt Beauty as well and help me with that.
During the Bogong Cup I will stay at the Alpenhorn motel again, so I will have intenet access to update my blog frequently with photos and news. You can also find news at www.dhv.de

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