13 Januar 2008

Bogong Cup Day 1 & 2

55 pilots entered for the Bogong Cup, and it started with a day off yesterday. People coming from long hours of flying and driving from Forbes didnt seem to be too sad that the wind was too strong. A hailstorm a 2pm proved the decision of Heather the meet director right. Thunder and lightening stayed with us until the early evening.
This morning, skies were bright and blue again, but the wind is still a threat. Ahead of a coldfront pushing in, it is supposed to swing around to the west at some stage this afternoon, but today was also cancelled as the wind seemed to increase during our briefings.
If you are in Mt Beauty area tonight, Olli is organizing the legendary Bogong Cup Barbecue again.
We hope for better conditions tomorrow and for the rest of the week. At least this year we can see and breathe! Last year we were covered in smoke from bush fires. More news and photos tomorrow, I hope a bit more exciting then!

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