16 Januar 2008

Bogong Cup task 2, 107km

Today we went up Emu launch again but waited a long time for the wind to calm down and to swing straight into the launch slope between the gum trees. Once more Heather got everybody off safely, and at 3.30 pm the first launch window started for our course around 3 turnpoints out to Bullioh in the end.
We just got back and it looks like the French had a very good day, with Mario Alonzi and Luis Rizo first to goal. When I got there, there were already about 15 gliders there, and after me a lot more arrived. The southerly change kicked in while I was packing up, but there were still a lot of gliders coming in. Pedro had a shocking landing, he is ok, but he broke the leading edge of his Aeros. Davis Ozreport Straub likes to look at a rasp weather model and today it was exactly right with the prediction of a strong southerly later in the day.
All Germans in goal again, but it was a tough day with strong headwind and turbulent lift. It felt like flying for 5 hours even though it was only two and a half.
Tomorrow will be an interesting choice for the takeoff as they predict southeasters. I would love to go up Mount Buffalo, I like that launch ramp a lot. A scenic start into a task!

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