01 Januar 2008

Happy new year from Kuwait!

Hello everybody and happy new year! May you all have good health, enjoyable work, great friends, incredible flights and- most of all - always happy landings! I had to work again and ended up in Kuwait. There were a few signs of firework yesterday, because there is only a minority of Christians here, and the Muslim new year has already started.
Now we will go downtown and check out Kuwait city. Maybe I can find a race camel to take home ;) they are great animals. Or I find a sponsor for the fuel to all my hanggliding trips... there are oil rigs everywhere. Cant wait to see downtown. Back later.

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Hallo liebe Corinna! Zum Neujahr wuensche ich dir alles bestens und viel Spass beim fliegen. Viele liebe Gruesse, Deine Lenchen