09 Januar 2008

Blisters in the sun

Training in paradise is hard, but nice! Yesterday I went sailing with my friends family, a fantastic cruise from Waiheke Island to Rakino Island, and I did plenty of rowing from the shore to the ship and vice versa, always with a loaded dingy. A lot of fun and a good workout considering that my arms need to be fit soon for the Bogong Cup!
There were numerous penguins in the water, very cute to watch, but difficult to get on a photo, as our boat was going along at quite a lot of speed. At 48ft length you can imagine the size of the beautiful big sails!
For me the trip ended with a few blisters on my hands, but well worth it!
Tomorrow I will meet my friends Phil and his family as well as his brother Stephen and his folks. Stephen is the legendary technician who once fixed the high tech camera of a German film crew at the worlds in Bright with a kitchen knife.

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