14 Januar 2008

Bogong Cup Task 1, 114km

Today we went up to Mt Emu take off. Blue skies, no wind and comfortable temperatures. The guys set a task of 114 km around 3 turnpoints, first up the valley to Gundowring, then over to Myrtleford hwy turnoff, after that back into the Kiewa Valley to Running Creek and back to Mt Beauty airstrip.
Already after the first turnpoint I got very low and had a good look at the enormous power station. Luckily, Jonny Durand flew over my head and showed me the last possible way out of that situation. I got up again, and after that it was piece of cake. I enjoyed flying with a wedge tailed eagle (I got the nice guy, the poor Russian pilot now has big rips in his leading edge...) and came into goal. There were already about 30 pilots, and I guess 45 made it in today. Difficult to say who won the day, probably Jonny. Roland and Olli did also very well and made it into the top ten.
We are 3 girls in the comp, Hadewych from the Netherlands, Yulia from Russia and me. Yes, and Katharina from Germany freeflying if she finds somebody to drive the car down the hill, we are working on that one. So far she was only driving, we definitely have to get her into the air in this beautiful place!
The flies at goal drove me crazy again, they keep trying to get into ones eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Carol saved me and lent me a big white mozzie net to wear while I was packing up my glider. The guys looked a bit puzzled when they saw me, but i could breathe and speak without a fly between my teeth, so it was worth the embarrassment of being a walking mosquito net.

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