11 Januar 2008


How can you do well if you go to a competition on a different continent where the timezone is upside down?
I started travelling 6 days ago and went to New Zealand first, so I could get into the right timezone in a relaxed way. It was a comfortable 24 degrees celsius in Auckland, while temperatures in Victoria went up to 40! When you come from winter, it is better to slowly acclimatize.
Last night I arrived in Canberra and did last preparations for the comp before we leave today. I will stay in an appartment with cooking facilities, so I shopped for some healthy, tasty food to cook, some rice and pasty dishes that are fast and easy to prepare, yet very nutritious for a long comp. As ballast in the first And the incredible cloudbase today tells me that we will cover a lot of kms next week!
Also the water supply is important. I always carry up to 1.5l of water and two cans of Red Bull in my harness, not just as ballast, but also to hydrate and refresh after landing. And sometimes, if I needed help from a farmer to find to my driver, they were quite enlighted if I handed them a can of Red Bull, usually quite chilled because it has been up high in cooler temperatures for a while. So I need to find Jonny Durand – he just won the Forbes competition and is undoubtedly Australias number 1 pilot – and he is also sponsored by Red Bull and usually helps me to stock up on energy in his country.
This morning I went running along the lake and realized once again that Im in Australia. Two rosellas were sitting in the grass, happily chatting along. I like parrots, as long as it is not a flock of cockatoos waking me up at 4 am. Tonys appartment has a spectecular view ober the lake. There is a big fountain that reminds me of the one in Lake Geneva. Just not as many houses and people out here. Canberra is quite designed and has a feel of Brasilia to it. It didnt develop naturally, but some people decided where the inhabitants would work, where they would live, where they would go shopping. There are a lot of parks, trees and green areas throughout the city, but that also means everything is quite far apart, and my walk to the shops this morning was quite exhausting.
Well the weather forecast predicts a cool change coming through tonight, so that means fresh air (and appropriate temperatures at night). Cant wait to get to Mt Beauty. I tried to call Carol, the organizer, but she is already giving interviews, talking to radio stations and tv channels. Heather and her do a great job for our sport with their competition!

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Pat hat gesagt…

Hi Corinna
Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Start in diesen Wettbewerb! Und vor allem viel Spass....
Bis bald. Liebe Grüsse aus DTW ;-)