16 April 2010

Stranded in Dubai

Where did my luck go? I had to work on a flight to Dubai, and then the cloud of Iceland´s ashes shut down the airspace in Europe... I have no idea when we will get back, and Im really sorry that I miss out on some great flying weather with my team, we also had to postpone the filming with Red Bull, as Im not the only one of the team who got stuck somewhere in the world. Well it could be worse. Im here in Dubai for the first time, there is a lot to learn. For example that they have closed up bus stop houses that are air conditioned!!! And I walked through mountains of gold today, felt like in "pirates".
It is hot over here, but the sun was hiding behind a huge cloud of sand - a storm moved in and sandblasted us!
Poor Oli, Carol, Heather and the others who want to fly to the world championships from Australia, Japan, the US, I keep my fingers crossed that this stuff moves through fast and you will find a way over... What an absolutely crazy month.

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