20 April 2010

Party in Dubai

Yesterday in the afternoon our purser Sarkis had the great idea to organize a party for all the airline crews stuck in Dubai who stay in our hotel - we already met at the pool several days. The Grand Hyatt staff was very cooperative and set up a loungy area on the terrace of one of the restaurants. Arabian fingerfood and drinks all night - and thanks to Red Bull Dubai and Oli, we also had a great supply of chilled Red Bull - new wings so we can fly home tonight!
Two of our crews already left yesterday and flew out to Frankfurt and Munich, so they couldnt participate in the end. Yet the mood was great, it was interesting to meet colleagues from a different airline and to exchange experiences. Im very pleased how everybody in our crew, from Captain to flight attendant, keeps the spirits high and makes the best out of this situation, helping each other and enjoying the time while we can ;) We had a lot of fun working on the flight over here, and no matter how difficult the circumstances might be, we will have a great and safe flight back!

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