19 April 2010

Dubai - Timezone GMT + 4

Still in Dubai, there is a lot of great big architecture to see. I guess Felix would like the Burj Khalifa tower with more than 800 m of height...
I went to the beach and saw the Burj al Arab from the distance. Everything is very closed here, also most of the beaches are privat and have a wall, or it is a club and you have to pay for entry. I only found one part of public beach, really nice bright blue clear warm water.
The public bus system is ok and also includes some of the water taxis - my favourite! If you like to do a sightseeing tour, just hop on one of the public buses, as they usually dont go straight line to the destination, but they cover quite a lot of ground on the way there.
At home, my team mates had a great training session at Tegelberg with our team leader, Peter Achmueller. Im sad I missed out on that, but sometimes you can´t change things but just make the best of it. Not too hard to do that here ;)

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