19 April 2010

Still stuck

Update: Our flight tonight has been cancelled again, as airspace is closed until 2am tomorrow morning, and our plane has to arrive from Germany first. I already think I might have to ask Guido for helping us with the Red Bull Falcon... We have a really great crew down here, altogether two Frankfurt Crews and two from Munich, and our purser organized a barbecue tonight and also invited the Virgin Atlantic crews who had been stuck for a week here to join in. If I find a Red Bull office in time, I will organize some drinks ;)
I found a great Indian take away with very pure Jain vegetarian food – comparably cheap , restaurants here in Dubai are quite expensive – just that It takes nearly one hour each way to get there by public bus. But then, what else do I have to do? I learn some Norwegian, I work a bit for our world championship that I can hopefully attend, and I train up in the fantastic hotel gym. Must be hard to be on exile in paradise!
I hope I can join the press conference at Tegelberg on wednesday via video conference...

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