03 September 2016

Task 5: 80km around 2 tp

The wind was howling with up to 50km/h on take off when we arrived today, yet an optimistic 109km task was set, again with goal Esplanada. I was almost ready to quit and just go there directly, when they decided to postpone the take off for safety reasons and cut the task down to 80km.
I didn´t realize that the first leg included about a 30km/h headwind and kept fighting hard, together with Françoise a lot of the time. Such a relief when we finally got the turnpoint and could turn towards Brasilia. I was slow again, but the clouds looked promising. I´ve never done the final glide so low, because we are not allowed to climb higher than 2745m sharp! The last 12 km you basically just find lake, buildings and highways, with one decent bombout field that Billy and Josh tried yesterday.
First my numbers looked a bit iffy, but with two crazy guys way below me just above the water, I thought I will be fine.
Esplanada at it´s best - landing here is just a party! So exciting to make your approach around highrise buildings and highways, with traffic buzzing around the goal field. Many happy faces in goal today, and finally I made my first goal in this competition as well!
Big congrats to Andre Wolf (BRA). At briefing he said that his arm hurts a lot, and he heard that I had taped Glauco´s arm already, so I pulled out the tricks - and his pain was gone ;) also I wished him all the best, hopefully to win the day. When I landed at goal, he smiled and said that he did - best day of the comp for him!
Also Primoz had the flight of his life - he made a 30km final glide, going along with 80-90km/h under a cloud street! He keeps climbing up at the rankings, currently he is placed 4th overall!

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