03 September 2016

Task 4: not worth talking about

The highlight of flying in Brasilia, landing at Esplanada in the centre of the city, had been closed for us until today, because of demonstrations and actions of the impeachment process of (ex-)president Dilma Roussef. She lost, left and now we can finally go for the exciting final glide through the ministery buildings. Well - if we make it that far, that is.
I wasn´t fast, but found myself with an excellent gaggle - Andre Wolf, Nene Rotor, Pippo, Glauco, Marcelo, lots of big names of the top guys. So I kept flying with them, gliding into - the deck! Bad timing again, just another day of hitting the bloody ground not even half way around the course. Could not believe that the guys didn´t come up with a plan B?
We flew through rain and were rained on after we landed, also some thunder and lightening happening out there. Half an hour later, it opened up again.
My team´s retrieve car was packed to the roof with pilots and six gliders when they arrived at my field just before sunset. Luckily Glauco came along and had offered to help - and he also had another surprise for me. His landing was anything but elegant, ploughing in with tailwind he finished upside down. But he landed in some farm fields and made me smile when I found the freshest, tastiest Broccoli possible in a bag, harvested with his base bar ;)
Glauco had been ranking 2nd with good chances of winning until we bombed out today, but he didn´t winge or display a bad mood at all. I was impressed, the Brazilians have an amazing, great national team!

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