01 September 2016

Day 4 preworlds: cancelled due to strong side wind on take off

I was pretty nervous as the second early bird pilot in my lane on take off today. The wind kept crossing with 90 degrees and quite hard, barely 30 seconds from the front within 20 minutes of grueling waiting. What a relief when the safety committee and organizers finally agreed to cancel the day!
Off to the waterfall, the "cachoeira"! It was fun to watch crazy Wolfi jump from the top of the rock, and the others a bit lower through the waterfall. Such a nice place - hard to imagine that the air just on the field behind that place had been throwing me around in very turbulent air like in a washing machine! Not quite a full rest day, but a peaceful break to get new energy for the last two days. As the impeachment is over and president Dilma Roussef had to pack her suitcase yesterday, now the Esplanada, the main aisle of Brasilia, is open again for the cool stuff - we can land there the next three days! Will be challenging because the ceiling is lower than ever before, but I hope to arrive there with a big smile on my face one of these next three days! Report in German on the DHV page.

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