22 Oktober 2014

Finally in Canungra!

It´s great to be back in spring time Australia, it´s beautiful up here in Canungra! After Tony helped me to get my harness and other gear into the airport bus in Melbourne (Im not exactly traveling light...), I was surprised to see HUGE lines of people. Most of them were wearing a pass, so I asked if they had been to a meeting. Yep- sure enough, it was the biggest Jehova´s Witnesses convention in Australia ever, with 75.000 people participating. And of course they all were eager and happy to share their experiences and knowledge with me ;)
Soon I boarded the flight up to Queensland which took about two hours. I flew up with Jetstar, the no frills airline of Qantas. You had to pay for every drink or snack on board, but it was a nice Airbus 321 with a very friendly crew.
When my friend Sue picked me up in the airport, I was glad that I was close to arriving. We stopped for some shopping in Nerang on the way where we met Jonny´s sister Gemma with her son Kai, she wasn´t even too surprised to run into me in that supermarket ;) ?! Nice to be back here, and I can´t wait to meet everybody again. This year, Davo is organizing the comp, which means plenty of fun socializing, good food and optimism - "It´s gonna be PUMPIN´!!!!" He is a classic.
While Jonny is testflying his new Technora RX today in a beautiful SE breeze, I will prepare all my gear and try to arrive in this new timezone.
Big thanks to all the people who helped me to get here and be able to fly - Vicki/Moyes, Mario, Tony, Sue, Nils! 

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