26 Oktober 2014

Day 2: 60km around 2 turnpoints

Today we had to go to Beaudesert as the first turnpoint, then Hillview like yesterday, and back up north to Josephville as a goal. We weren´t getting very high again, and the wind seemed even stronger than yesterday. I went around the first turnpoint with Blenky, but then made some silly decisions and landed short of the second turnpoint. I think the heat got me today, it is really warming up over here, and despite wearing a bit hat and long sleeves and drinking enough, I was just exhausted.
I guess there were about 15 people at goal today, so the scores will be much higher than yesterday. Nick Purcell might have won the day, Jonny said. 
Sometimes it´s just great to have a friendly farmer who lets you pack up your glider in the shade of a big tree on their front lawn - thank you so much, Sue!!!
On the way back home, Ive met the cute wallaby again, we already saw him yesterday at the same spot. The grass must be tasty there!
The evenings up here on Tambo offer some spectacular drama skies, with big sunsets while having dinner on the verandah.
Well, six more days to go, if we are lucky with the weather. But also tomorrow it will heat up even more...

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