24 Oktober 2014

Canungra Classic starts today!

I had a wonderful flight yesterday in smooth air, taking off at Tambo launch, boating from cloud to cloud and eventually landing on Flocky´s airfield with most other guys. And yes - the Technora sail works, I must admit ;)
Right after take off, a big wedge tailed eagle joined the thermal I had found and stayed with me for a while, getting closer and closer, waving to me with his majestic, large outer wing feathers. Then I felt at home!
In the evening at registration, I was happy to see the original team - Davo the organizer just got the best people together to make this comp fantastic for both, pilots and their families and friends. Pilot´s dinner was incredible, all home made supertasty salads, and veggie patties or sausage and steak for the meat lovers.
Today we will have to start early, as the seabreeze might stop launching conditions on Tambo again early. I got off at 10.30 yesterday and it was no problem to wait until the inversion breaks. Will be a bit more difficult with 60 comp pilots ;)

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