28 Oktober 2014

Day 4: 70km around 2 tp

We went to Beechmont launch today, but it turned out to be a very stable day with quite a strong northerly which made the eastern site quite tough to fly. I was not the only one who experienced very strong turbulence in several places.
With only 800m of altitude I was nowhere near high enough to fly over the back and start on course, as there were plenty of non landable valleys with strong winds and turbulence. So I decided to look at the small things that make me happy - flying with my buddies Nils and Tim for a long soaring time for example. Or that great batman cloud above take off! Quite unique, that shape. Or a good landing in the bombout with a bit more than just a cross wind to cope with - plenty of cows and their calves did not take notice of me at all when I was on final... Or even better, hearing that all my team mates managed to land fine, even in dodgy spots.
Highlight of the day for me were the cutest wallabies Ive ever seen. Luckily my team, all Australians, were understanding and stopped for the squeeking tourist in the car ;) 
I really hope we get some fresh air soon, would be great to fly with cumulus clouds at least one of these days.
A few guys made it into the Kerry valley, Jonny said he got to Laravale, the first turnpoint, but noone I heard of got the second or even to goal, so it will be another low scoring day. Some guys even packed up on launch.

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