29 Oktober 2014

Day 5: 70km to Lake Moogerah

The weather forecast looked much nicer for today, and it turned out to be a good Beechmont day. Finally we got to fly with a few clouds here and there, some convergence and also "real thermals" - it´s just so pleasant if you can fly a full 360 in climb! All the way up to 2000m, it was such a luxury :)
We first went to Boonah, then to lake Moogerah another 16km west of the first turnpoint. I flew most of the way with my team mate Nils today, and we were happy to join the party at goal. Also RT and Dr Craig arrived, so our driver Alan was quite pleased to see all of us there. The other highlight for me was a flock of about 50 pelicans. I went to take a photo, and they started to swim on the lake in a line that was about 100 m long. Beautiful birds! Lucky that my team is so understanding for their "tourist´s" requests to stop for Australian wildlife.
Trent won the day and moved right up into the top ten. About half of the pilots of the comp made goal, which was in a really scenic place.
On the way home we were re-writing some songs and practicing to perfom them, because in the evening, we had the "Red Faces Night", a fun competition where all the teams invent some acts to embarrass themselves (or others too). After the pilot´s dinner, the show was shorter than normal, as Thursday looks like another really good flying day with a very early start.

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