03 Mai 2012

Task 3: 92km around 3 tp

A lot of ESE-wind made our day difficult today. Air pressure dropped again, it got colder and more unstable - I thought we might see storms early today. In the air, Regina and I decided not to wait for the 1pm start, but to take a risk to loose leading points and time points, but to make it home safe.
The air was unpleasantly turbulent in some places, and Regina dropped out after the first tp at Höfer Alm. I went the conservative way, all on my own, down the ridge to Radlberger Alm not to end up in a lee side with this wind that showed up to 28km/h.
Second turnpoint - difficult to get up again, because the valley wind reaches very high up. Eventually I made it to base, crossed back into the Drau valley, then on to the last tp in Gailtal. Regina gave me good information about wind and weather situation at goal, and I could see the cloud tops. It looked still safe, so I decided to fly back to goal. Landing conditions were really nice when I got to the Thaler field, but it was good to have my father and Regina helping me with pack up. An hour later, just past 4pm, the first lightening and storms started around Greifenburg.
I don´t know how they will score today, will be interesting. I saw Tim racing into goal maybe half an hour after I did, and also Matjaz seems to have gone around the course.
For tomorrow weather conditions look similar, maybe even windier.

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