29 Mai 2012

More photos Flugtag

Some pics from yesterday in Mainz. Guido had two Gopros on board and let me download the films. They are being edited at the moment, I just pulled out a few shots to show you the quality.

Also a photo of the winner of yesterdays Flugtag, the pirate plane from Stuttgart.
The Jury was on a house boat with the best view of the action on the ramp. We even had two cops making sure that nobody else entered our little comfortable floating spot.
Both Toni and his father Walter Eichhorn were in the Jury, great aerobatic pilots. Also Smodo of the rap group "Fantastische Vier" is a flight enthusiast and owns a seneca to take his family and friends around.
Kaya Yanar was in my Jury group as well - he is a comedian and when I used one of his jokes ("Guckst Du...") I nearly got into trouble in Berlin...
Arne was very pleased to have set the new Flugtag world record and celebrated after his flight with Claudio and Guido.
If you missed the Red Bull Flugtag in Mainz but you can go to Ljubljana in Slovenia on June 16th! Maybe Matjaz will fly there?

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