04 Mai 2012

Rain on course, day cancelled

Today the clouds keep growing and we see a lot of showers on course. At the task briefing, the organizer Manfred Vaupel excused that he had not explained the early start correctly- he didn´t know that there was the "Jump the gun - factor" in the Gap edition he used until he saw that I got bombout points for nearly having made goal. At the briefing, he only mentioned that there would not be leading points or time points, and I thought if nobody gets to goal, just the distance counts anyway... So I left 40 minutes early, made the course before the weather shut down, an hour before Suan and Matjaz came to goal (but the day had already been stopped before even I made goal). Would have been nice to win the last day of Hessische.
A short task to Irschen, Gerlamoos, Castle Stein and goal, 60 km, was set, but then cancelled as the clouds kept growing and there are constantly some showers on course, the forecast is for storms later this afternoon. Tomorrow the wind is predicted to pick up a lot again, so they decided to do the awards already tonight.
Markus Ebenfeld ranks 1st, Matjaz finished 2nd and Suan Selenati 3rd. In rigid class, Tim Grabowski won, and I won the female ranking. Photos from the awards late tonight.
Sasha Serebrennikova, a new good pilot from Russia, testflew the RX3 today - and I think she fell in love with it ;) She is even smaller than me and is very light, but she had a fantastic take off and really liked the handling in the air. You don´t have to move to do a turn, just to think "turn" and the glider does it. If you are a light pilot interested in a test flight with the RX3, please contact me, Im happy to help you if the weather is nice next week somewhere in the alps!

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