20 Mai 2012

German Open Task 2

72 km around 3 turnpoints. It was tail wind until 1pm, and quite a lot of us started discussing the new rules and their problems with Klaus Tänzler (head of the DHV) who had come to Tegelberg today. Manfred had disappeared already, I would have liked a person who testflies and builds the gliders and works for the manufacturer (or is the manufacturer) to discuss the problems that we had to face with Klaus.
It was difficult to get up after launch today - I thought I had forgotten how to thermal, as I simply could not climb out. I had to take the last startgate and only had one other pilot with me, I think he was Ukrainian. On my way out to along the startgate, I think I saw Primoz already coming back from the task... oh well, at least I get to spend some time in the air before I have to work again.
At Edelsberg I met Roland, Jörg, Andre and Achim and thought they came back from the 2nd turnpoint. When I glided out for the next possible lift before the 2nd turnpoint, I looked back and saw that all the guys were following me. Great, Im not on my own!
We climbed out at Grünten turnpoint but the 3rd one, Edelsberg again, was in heavy rain. And stayed in rain for quite a while. So I decided to fly out, try the flatter land and eventually found a safe landing field out there. It was right next to a camp site of some different sort, apparently they had a medieval festival going on. Guess a "dragon" like me fits in well ;)
Before I started packing up, a heavy rain shower came over. I also heard thunder (not just from the canon balls of the medieval guys) and saw some lightening. The right time and place for a safe decision I guess.
In the meantime, Dave and Kathryn arrived at Tegelberg and had to fight through the German paperwork to be able to fly here (you remember the paraglider tandem guy who ended up in the cable car and made about 20 people stay in the cable car over night last year?). Dave flew the RX3 and did a great landing in the goal field. I was quite flattered that all the people ran to him and thought it was me getting to goal after the task ;)
Tim Grabowski won the day in ridig class, and Primoz was the only flex wing who made it to goal. Overall it looks like Roland could have won the German Open, Andre Djamarani second and I am probably 3rd overall in the international ranking (1st woman). Also Natalia Petrova did really well again, she finished 10th overall (2nd woman).

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